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 Complaint Patrol - Customer Complaint Management

Complaint Patrol is a web-based workflow solution to record, investigate, quantify, address, and respond to customer complaints. Complaint Patrol incorporates root cause analysis, CAPA, and cost of poor quality into the resolution process.  


  Customer Complaints   CAPA
  Return Material Authorization   Cost of Poor Quality
  Customer Credit Approval   Root Cause Analysis
  Customer Response Letter   Sample Shipment Tracker 
  Email Notifications for Approvals   Email Notifications for Action Assignments



 Complaint Initiation

Initiation Wizard


The initiation wizard provides an efficient way to record a customer complaint and assign it to the appropriate person for management and processing.




 Complaint Organization



The Complaint Patrol homepage provides intuitive filtration options to enable users to quickly locate a complaint and see its status, and to open the complaint to see detailed information.




 Complaint Processing

General Tab


Complaint Patrol organizes complaints into two sections. The full workflow status is displayed along the top panel, showing the role, the user, and the user's decision (accept or reject). Below the workflow panel are the tabs which facilitate the processing of the complaint. The General tab captures approval (or disapproval) of the requested remediation actions, provides information related to an associated sample, and details the problem statement.



Return Materials Authorization (RMA)

The RMA tab allows the initiation of an approval route to capture the necessary approvals prior to granting authorization for a customer to return material. 



Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

The CAPA tab documents the root cause and enables the assignment of corrective, preventive, and follow-up actions related to the complaint. An email is sent to notify the user when he/she is assigned an action item.



Accounting Reconciliation

The accounting tab displays the claim $ requested by the customer and the corresponding proposed credit $ based on the results of the investigation. A PVA (proposed value authorization) approval route can be initiated to capture approval of the credit amount. To bring closure to the complaint, Complaint Patrol creates a Customer Response Letter and captures the reconciliation of the related financials by accounting.


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