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 Data Patrol - Product Quality Data Mining

Data Patrol is a point and click query solution to retrieve product data from QDMS for analysis and reporting. Data Patrol provides two output options: 1) Excel or CSV, and 2) NWA Quality Analyst. Data Patrol provides the following filters to enable the user to narrow-down the search to retrieve the desired data: 


  Facility   Product Number
  Operation   Customer Number
  Workcenter   Order Number
  Test Family   Sample Quality State
  Test Method   Date Range



 Data Query

Facility Operation Workcenter


The query wizard begins with choosing the applicable facility, operation, and workcenter. Note that multiselect is supported.



Test Family and Test Methods


The query wizard allows the user to choose the desired Test Family and corresponding Test Methods. Note the robust query abilities including begins with, includes, and excludes functions.  



Quality State and Order / Product / Customer Number


The user can filter the search to retrieve data from only those samples that were assigned a certain quality state (e.g. approved, rejected, hold). Additionally the user can retrieve data from a certain Order Number, Product, or Customer.  




Date Range and Output Choice


The query can be further narrowed to a defined date range. Lastly, the user chooses the desired output destination (NWA Quality Analyst or Excel/CSV file (for importing into the analysis tool of the user's choice).  




 Data Export to Excel or CSV

Export to File


If export to file is chosen, then an Export Preview is displayed to enable the user to review the data file before saving.


 Data Export to NWA Quality Analyst

Export to NWA QA


Data Patrol provides a direct integration with NWA Quality Analyst which enables the user to choose the desired Quality Analyst dataset and Data Patrol will pass the query parameters into NWA QA, which will query the QDMS database and open the dataset as defined.


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