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 Dash Patrol - Product Quality Dashboard and SPC

Dash Patrol is a real-time product monitoring dashboard with SPC charts and integrated communications to link the technicians in the lab and the operators on the shop floor. Dash Patrol can be used as an on-line tool connected directly to a particular manufacturing line, or it can be used as an off-line tool to provide visibility into the quality of the product being manufactured at any operation across the enterprise.


  Product Quality Dashboard   SPC Charts with Configurable Data Display
  Color-Coded Alarm Buttons   View Current Lot
  Lab/Shop Floor Communications   Search Completed Lots
  View CTQ Data from Previous Lots of Same Product Made at the Same Operation



 Monitoring Plan Definition

Admin Panel


The most-often overlooked part of the product quality plan is defining the online monitoring and SPC/SQC requirements as they pertain to critical to quality (CTQ) product testing. This task is performed within the QDMS Admin Panel in conjunction with the definition of the product test plan. Once the data collection requirements have been defined, simply check those CTQ parameters for the given product, and Dash Patrol will automatically display the dashboard with the correct parameters when the applicable product is manufactured at the defined location.


 Quality Dashboard



The dashboard presents the CTQ product characteristics on the left and the CTQ process parameters on the right. The alarm buttons are color coded to reflect the real-time quality state of the product being manufactured. Click on any alarm button of interest to open the corresponding SPC chart.  



SPC Chart


The real-time SPC chart allows the user to choose what statistical information is displayed such as the target, spec limits, warning limits, control limits, and process capability indices. The user can choose to display start-up samples or not. Additionally, unchecking the "Limit to Current Production Order" checkbox automatically displays the data for previous lots of the same product made at the same operation/machine. This gives the operator an easy way to see how previous lots of the same product performed.   


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