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 QDMS Quality System

 Complaint Patrol

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 Nonconformance Patrol

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 PO Box 638
 Elburn IL 60119
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 MAP Data Systems

MAP is a global provider of Quality Management System (QMS) software, delivering enterprise solutions from the beginning of the product lifecycle to the end.

MAP is a metaphor for the path between here (where you are today) and there (your vision of tomorrow). Our mission is to help manufacturers capture company-level data and turn it into actionable information. We envision our client's asking the right questions, accessing the right data, and making the best decisions.



 Commercial Software Products

QDMS and the Patrol Suite
Reducing manufacturing costs and improving customer satisfaction by enabling our clients to:


 Adopt Best Practices

 Improve Efficiency

 Enforce Policy

 Drive Standardization

 Ensure Compliance

 Gain Visibility


 QDMS - Quality Data Management

Learn More About QDMS  

Designed for medium to large businesses with multiple facilities, QDMS is an enterprise quality management system that manages all aspects of the transfer of product from design and development (design history files) to manufacturing (batch and device history records), including the creation and management of:

  Test Methods   Inspection, Testing, and Re-Testing
  Test Plans   Product Quality States
  Process & Product Specifications   Product Certification (CoA)
  Process Monitoring (SPC)   Data Mining and Analysis


 ComplaintPatrol - Customer Complaint Management

Learn More About Complaint Patrol

Complaint Patrol is a web-based workflow solution to record, investigate, quantify, and correct, and respond to customer complaints. Complaint Patrol incorporates root cause analysis, CAPA, and cost of poor quality into the resolution process.

  Customer Complaints   CAPA
  Return Material Authorization   Cost of Poor Quality
  Customer Credit Approval   Root Cause Analysis
  Customer Response Letter   Sample Shipment Tracker
  Email Notifications for Approvals   Email Notifications for Action Assignments 


 DataPatrol - Data Mining for Analysis and Reporting

Learn More About Data Patrol

Data Patrol is a data mining tool for extracting test results and related data from the QDMS database for analysis or reporting. Data Patrol has direct integration with NWA Quality Analyst for detailed analysis, but the output can also be Excel, or a .csv file for import into your analysis tool of choice (such as Minitab). Data Patrol users easily retrieve data filtered by:

  Facility   Product Number
  Operation   Customer Number
  Workcenter   Order Number
  Test Family   Sample Quality State
  Test Method   Date Range


 DocPatrol - Document Change Management

Learn More About Doc Patrol

Doc Patrol is an off-the-shelf, configurable, mobile-friendly, web-based product that provides an easy-to-use solution for document management and content change approval. Doc Patrol is at home no matter what other quality system tools are in place. Doc Patrol is unique in its approach to document and information change management by enabling the minimum approval requirements to be defined by document class and subclass. This ensures that changes to every document will be approved in a manner that meets at least the minimum requirements

  Multi-Event Approval Workflow   Unavailability Management
  Version History   Approval Alternates when Unavailable
  Sequential or Group Approval   Email Notifications for Approval Requirements
  Approval by Role or Person   Approval Due Dates with Delinquency Notices
  FDA 21 CFR 11 Compliant   Support of Single Document Translations into Multiple Languages


  NCPPatrol - Nonconforming Product Management 

Learn More About NCP Patrol   

NCP Patrol is a web-based workflow solution to investigate, quantify, and determine the appropriate disposition for nonconforming product. NCP can be integrated with your existing LIMS/MES, or with QDMS. NCP incorporates CAPA and a fully configurable workflow to efficiently facilitate the disposition process to minimize financial loss due to nonconforming product.

  Containment   Investigation
  Cost of Poor Quality   Root Cause Analysis
  Disposition   CAPA
  Multi-level Review Escalation   Quality Tickets
  Email Notifications for Approvals   Email Notifications for Action Assignments 


  SPCPatrol - Product Monitoring & SPC 

Learn More About SPC Patrol

SPC Patrol is a real-time product monitoring dashboard with SPC charts and integrated communications to link the technicians in the lab and the operators on the shop floor. SPC Patrol can be used as an on-line tool connected directly to a particular manufacturing line, or it can be used as an off-line tool to provide visibility into the quality of the product being manufactured at any operation across the enterprise. 

  Product Quality Dashboard   SPC Charts with Configurable Data Display
  Color-Coded Alarm Buttons   View Current Lot
  Lab/Shop Floor Communications   Search Completed Lots
  View CTQ Data from Previous Lots of Same Product Made at the Same Operation



 Our Manufacturing Market Expertise

 Automotive   Medical Device & Med Device Packaging
 Chemical   Packaging (bags, pouches, specialty)
 Consumer Products   Paper, Roll, and Sheet Goods
 Food & Food Packaging             Pharma Packaging
 Metal & Wire   Textiles and Specialty Fibers
* Outside of manufacturing, MAP has extensive experience in the Healthcare market.

 Our Typical Client

 Has multiple manufacturing sites, often around the world.   
 Requires solutions that conform to federal regulations or international standards (BRC, CGMP, FDA, GxP, ISO).   
 Requires solutions that are multi-lingual.  
 Requires solutions that provide a corporate headquarters with real-time plant visibility.
 Requires solutions that communicate bi-directionally with critical business systems (ERP, MRP, MES) such as:  



 Our Results

  Increased profit margins by 8% per order   Reduced customer complaints by 35%
  Reduced scrap by 31%   Reduced cycle times by 20%
  Improved yields by 40%   Improved approval times by 88%
  Reduced overfill weights by 42%   Reduced CoA creation time from 34 minutes to 1 minute

If your organization would benefit from these kinds of results, please contact us today.


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